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Distracted driving has been said to be the singular most important safety issue currently facing the globe. It was noted from our recent study in Lagos that mobile phone use is the single largest contributor to distracted driving in Nigeria as it was observed that 53% of Nigerians use mobile phones while driving and 47% of this group are young people of between 18 and 30 years.

AARSI is currently working with the Telecommunications Industry to reduce accidents caused by distracted driving through the use of Mobile Phones. We engaged a cross-sector partnership with the Telecoms industry to raise awareness on the dangers of phone use at the wheels, with the Support of the Industry regulator, The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).
It was agreed at a stakeholder forum organized by Arrive Alive and the NCC that distracted driving is the singular most important safety issue in the telecoms industry.

(More) report on stake holders workshop

Mrs Mary Udoma, Director Consumer Affairs NCC    Members of the high Table


Following from this, a strategic partnership has been formed across the telecommunications sector to address this important road safety issue.  
Report on communique

Cross section of participants at the Stakeholders forum

In the months to come, series of programmes and interventions will emerge that would aim to raise awareness and reduce deaths and accidents caused in this way.


Campaign materials for distracted driving

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